History of Poker

Everyone knows about pоker. Any modern person, if he did not play at least once in poker itself or its derivatives, at least heard about it from all sorts of sources.

With all the seeming popularity of the topic of pоker, a relatively small numbеr of active players, not to mention those interested in it, have an idea of the historical prerequisites of the game, the stages and peculiarities of its development.

The history of poker is not an open book, like many traditional trends. For a long time, it was considered the lot of bandits and antisocial elements, over time, became a sign of refinement and nobility, then entertainment for high society. With the growth of its popularity, an increasing number of countries and peoples are claiming the right to be called the “historical homeland” of the game.

History of Poker

The opinions of experts in what country is the home of poker are different. The basic opinion, which is supported by the majority of “voices” – the origin of poker has occurred in the ancient world, in particular in Persia. Found in the study of archaeological finds of objects indicate the existence of gambling, which can be taken as a kind of poker. Unfortunately, information about the rules or conditions of the game has not reached us, so it remains only an objective opinion that the history of poker begins with Persia.

Des Wilson has a different opinion. His book “Ghosts at the Table” describes in sufficient detail and argues his own version of the history of poker. It is based on the history of the Old West in America. Quite convincing arguments, supported by evidence and evidence, draw a line between the first steamships on the Mississippi River to a modern reincarnation – Las Vegas.

If you consider the issue in principle, the history of poker and poker is more evident in the second version, because it deals with a formed game that has been modified in relatively small limits over the years.

“Persian” version is more vague, based on conjectures and the possibilities of developing gambling of that time in modern games.

For objectivity, it is worth noting the possibility that both versions are erroneous, because mankind lives much longer than we can imagine and a variety of gambling entertainment is not a modern person’s notion. Perhaps the true story of poker will never become known to us or will open tomorrow.