Cut offs in poker – position features and tactics

The ability to play a positional game is one of the most important conditions for a successful poker game. It is especially important to take into account the information content of the actions of the opponents of their position on the pre-flop, where the player can evaluate the strength of his hand exclusively from pocket cards. Those who learn strategy know that the best position at the table is Button. But do not forget about the neighboring place, which sometimes has greater advantages than the place of the nominal dealer.

Cut off in pоkеr – the position of the player who is sitting closer to the other participants to Button on the right hand. It refers to late positions, and the table scheme is called CO.

Since the CO is a late position, from it you can play a fairly wide range of hands – almost the same as on Button. However, beginning players often undeservedly underestimate this position relative to their opponents and narrow the range of playable starting cards, and also try not to use Steele and this is a mistake.

CO features

To understand why a place on the Cat Off is equally profitable, let’s look at all its advantages:

Enough information about the players – in a game at the full table, the player on the CO, when announcing a move, has information about the actions of most of the opponents. He is not aware of the decisions of Button, who will be in a better position on Postflop and the Blinds, who on the Flop qualify for the first move, therefore they play a very narrow range of hands on Preflop. This allows you to expand the range of cards that are promising for entering trades under favorable circumstances.

Pоsition aftеr the flоp – if the Button does not enter the bidding, the player will act the last after the flop, having full information about the actions of all opponents at the table. Due to this, he will be able to choose the optimal tactical line to play his hand in this situation. If the Button enters the bidding – after him only he will act in most cases, since the Blinds often fold cards on the Preflop.

Features of the player on Button – if after CO there is too tight opponent with a narrow range of hands, he can safely put himself in the place of Button and play the widest possible range of hands. The button will fold as often as the Blinds and even more often. In case he enters the bidding, his range of cards will be too predictable, which will allow him to choose the optimal bidding tactic against him.