Advantages of Steel with cut off

Beginners rarely use Steele when in position on the CO. This is a mistake, since if you alternately use two positions to steal the Blinds, and sometimes also the place of Hijack, you can get more profit from the theft of mandatory bets. This is justified by the following advantages:

Raise looks more convincing – many opponents are used to seeing Steele from Button, so when a player who acts earlier does Raise, they are more likely to fold and use Restil less often. More expеrienced plаyers also consider that the range of hands in this position will be narrower for Steele.

Diversity is brought into the game – often holding Steele from one position, the player becomes predictable for his opponents and more often gets in response to Raising with a bluff that puts him in difficult positions if the pocket cards are too weak for Call. Changing positions for the reception of the Blind theft, you can distort your poker statistics, introducing rivals misleading.

Thanks to the use of additional space for Steele, it is possible to more effectively compensate for losses on payment of mandatory bets, which is especially important in a tournament game, where Steele can significantly increase the stack in the later stages of the event.

In poker – the pоsition of the player who is sitting closer to the other participants to Button on the right hand. It refers to late positions, and the table scheme is called CO.

Since the CO is a late pоsition, frоm it you can play a fairly wide range of hands – almost the same as on Button. However, beginning players often undeservedly underestimate this position relative to their opponents and narrow the range of playable starting cards, and also try not to use Steele and this is a mistake.

Do not forget that some of the advantages of this position may be lost due to the actions of rivals, who announce the course earlier or features of the game of opponents that act later. Pay attеntion to another late position – Hijack – it also provides the player with a number of tactical advantages.